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We create names and develop products with style.

What we do


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We name companies, products, and much more. The names we create will reflect the identity of your company.

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Product Development

We license products and trademarks to great companies.

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We enjoy what we do. Creating names and developing products is not a job. It’s a way of life.

Benefits of a great name


Create a strong identity

Stand out from the competition

Why are names important?

A name can make or break a vision. It can also help identify what something is. You need a great name to have a great reputation. A good name needs to be easy to remember, attention grabbing, and a reflection of identity.

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Great Experience

Relax and enjoy the ride of working with Kickstreet.


Passion is our energy source that burns through the night.

Fast Turn Around

We get to work and get things done.

  • Our Purpose

    Our goal is to create great names. We also develop and license products to companies. Imagine a world with names that make people feel something positive, and outstanding products that contribute to a better quality of life.



  • Hand-Grip Tablet Case

    Travel lighter in style with your tablet and electronic accessories.

  • I'm Pretty Savvy

    A fun party game for game night with family and friends.

  • Naming Project

    Naming project for

  • Card Names

    We created over one hundred card phrases for I'm Pretty Savvy.


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I’m Pretty Savvy

Kickstreet created the name, developed the game idea, and created the design to I’m Pretty Savvy. It is a family game that gives i...

Hand-Grip Tablet Case

The Hand-Grip Tablet Case is a product that Kickstreet developed, designed, and named. It’s ideal for traveling lighter and ...

The right name can be worth billions.



Less than a car note

  • Help entrepreneurs on a strict budget create the right name.

  • Easy to read


    Easy to apply


    Get the right name


    31-day money back guarantee



Worth every penny

  • Grow and improve your image.

  • Great name


    Logo design


    Web domain


    1-3 Weeks



Hot like fire

  • Name a product or service to resonate with your target audience.

  • Great name


    Web domain


    Trademark screening


    Logo design and tag line


    Cultural acceptability review


    2-3 Weeks


Tell us what kind of name you need and we will do the rest.